[JDEV] Simultaneous logins

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Sat Apr 8 00:06:12 CDT 2000

Yes, this is one of the core features. Look at the presence stuff (on
http://protocol.jabber.org and slightly out-of-date - one of the thing I
hope to get a chance to work on this weekend) - you will receive presence
for your other sessions, and can assign which session gets messages by
default based on the 'priority'.

The ability to log in more than one time is the main reason for the Resource
at the end of the jabber ID - this determines if a message goes toward a
specific session or is just passed to the default session. Also groupchat is
implemented by having the channel be a single JID and individual users being
resources - so that a message to groupchat-channel at groupchat.jabber.org will
send to everyone in the channel, but adding a resource to the end of it will
make your message a private message to that user.

-David Waite

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Does Jabber allow for simultaneous logins for the same user.  IE, can I log
in using multiple clients at the same time and receive messages as

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