[JDEV] redundant info in the "mapi" packets?

Charles Tam tam at ipal.com
Mon Apr 10 23:49:50 CDT 2000


I'm a developer who has been trying out jabber. We've got our own client,
and we think the best way to add IM functionality to is to use Jabber, by
writing our own transport. Jabber looks great, and for my purposes, very
promising. I thank you all.

So far, I've written a module that basically grabs all the "mapi" infomation
during the DELIVER stage and prints it to a file. So now, I can look at all
the info. From there, we hope we can move onto the next stage of writing a

Anyway, I have a question. It looks like there are some redundant
information in the mapi tree. Should I be worried? Hopefully they are just
harmless redundancies. Are there any "gotcha"s?

For example, it looks like mapi.jpacket.type is a presence. But
mapi.session.presence is also a presence. There are multiple "to"s and
"from"s, multiple "id"s and "nodes". There may be others. Maybe somebody can
give me a quick reply and save me the time of looking through the source

If anybody has useful documentation not available on the jabber site, please
send them my way. Any tips and suggestions would also be welcome.

Thanks firstly for all the work you've done for jabber. And thanks secondly
for reading up to this part. :) I hope to hear from some of you.

Thanks again.

Charles Tam
iPal, Inc.

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