[JDEV] Status of Win32 Server

Keith Minkler keith at digix.net
Tue Apr 11 16:47:13 CDT 2000

Server, no.. I was the one that compiled that EXE on the download.j.o site,
but the pth part of it doesn't function properly under win32...  I'm still
in kindof a holding pattern until i can get pth ported fully to win32...
untill then, no win32 server.

Keith Minkler

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> Subject: [JDEV] Status of Win32 Server
> I'm interested in the Win32 version of the Jabber server.  I tried to
> download the source code and the file that is downloadable is
> labeled "Win32
> server is borked" or something to that extent.  It didn't seem to
> be a valid
> .zip file.  Is there any Win32 server source available or will there be
> soon?
> Thank you for any info...
> -Scott Juranek
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