[JDEV] 1.0pre1 available!

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Thu Apr 13 05:12:33 CDT 2000

1.0pre1 is available at http://download.jabber.org/dists/1.0/pre1

Besides a slew of bugfixes, most of the changes in 1.0pre1 are internal as
some of the important routines and APIs were streamlined and cleaned up.
One of the major changes was in the threading model for active sessions,
with the new model under heavy load memory usage is cut in half and
performance doubled.

You'll need to use the new configuration file, upgrading from 0.9's config
file will not work as there were some additions to allow custom control
over the ports and IPs bound to by the server.

The only major new feature was the support of the jabber:iq:private
namespace, which allows a user to store any arbitrary XML privately on the
server.  This can be used for storing personal profiles, configuration
data, saving state, and many other uses.

1.0RC is expected within the next week, report any bugs/problems to
irc.openprojects.net in #jabber and help us make a solid 1.0 release!



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