[JDEV] Has this been done before?

Jacob O'Reilly jacob at clear.net.nz
Mon Apr 17 01:33:05 CDT 2000

Sounds interesting.

Is your purpose metric gathering or fault finding?  (both?)

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From: Kurt D. Starsinic <kstar at orientation.com>
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Date: Monday, 17 April 2000 09:21
Subject: Re: [JDEV] Has this been done before?

>On Sun, Apr 16, 2000 at 05:05:45PM -0400, Thomas Charron wrote:
>>     What kind of test patters?  Do you mean stress testing utilities?
>    That too, but I want to start with something like a TCP/IP `chargen'
>server that just spews regular data at a bandwidth-limited rate.  I.e.,
>an agent that says `At the tone, the time will be ...' every 10 seconds.
>After that, the ability to script it to send various sorts of traffic at
>various rates is, of course, key.

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