[JDEV] Some newbie send questions (w/ transport stuff)

Eliot Landrum eliot at landrum.cx
Mon Apr 17 21:33:26 CDT 2000

After your user has registered with an agent, simply message them as any
other user.

<message to='1117512 at icq.jabber.org'> <!-- or nickhere at aim.jabber.org  -->
	<subject>blah blah</subject>
	<body>Did you make any progress on it today?</body>

Hope you didn't overlook http://protocol.jabber.org and
http://docs.jabber.org ... I'm about to update the jabber:iq:agent - please
ignore the information on there.

Well.. hopefully there's some answers to your questions... 

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, "Sean LeBlanc" wrote:
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> Subject: [JDEV] Some newbie send questions (w/ transport stuff)
> I am a painfully new person to Jabber - I've looked through JDEV
> archives a bit, and I'm trying to just figure out where to start.
> Here's what I want to do: I'd like to only send a message to a user
> on, say, MSN Messenger(really, any transport). I found documentation
> about which port to use, but everything else is pretty confusing. What
> the  XML that is sent to server look like?
> Any and all pointers welcomed, even if they are just RTFM's, as long as
> there are pointers to those manuals. :)
> I'd be using Java, so any packages/classes out there, that'd be cool,
> too...or
> even pointers to specific sections of C/C++ that do same thing.
> Also, what's the status of the Jabber Java bean project?
> TIA,
> Sean LeBlanc
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