[JDEV] Confused...

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at ti.com
Wed Apr 19 07:41:07 CDT 2000

I just upgraded to 1.0pre1, from 0.8.1.  I understand that a lot of
things have changed, but I can't my programs to do anything anymore.

I've gotten them to connect, but even after sending <presence/> the
program still does not send ANY packets to the account.  Here is
basically what I have:

Program #1 is a daemon.  It tries to connect and when it fails with an
unauthorized it sends a registration packet and creates the needed
account.  Once the account is created, it then logs in and sits there
listening for incoming packets to work on.  It listens for <message/>
and <presence/>.  When it gets a presence it scans it seeing if it is a
subscription request, and it does the appropriate thing based on that
(allows the (un)subscription from the other account).

Program #2 is a GUI that talks to #1 to get information.  There can be
multiple #1 daemons based on site location.  So the first thing it does
is login, and then scan the roster looking for the other sites that are
on-line.  If it finds a site that is not subscribed to it subscribes to
it.  Then it presents the list of #1s to the user to pick from.

The problem is that since #1 is not receiving ANY packets after I send
<presence/> the other program cannot subscribe to it and gets caught in
a loop.  (I bet this is a problem of my own doing...)  But if #1 can't
see that someone is trying to subscribe to them then it sort of becomes
a useless daemon.

Can anyone provide an example XML stream that shows how this should be
done for 1.0?  Or is this the jabber:x:offline thing biting me since I
don't know how it works?  Thanks.


Ryan Eatmon                reatmon at ti.com
Mixed Signal Product Development EDA Team

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