[JDEV] Basic (No Doubt) Solaris Configuration Issues w/ 0.9...

Jack, Adam AJack at neonsoft.com
Wed Apr 19 16:52:52 CDT 2000

I tried checking Jabber out a month or two ago and recall fighting this daft
little thing back then also, but sadly I can't recall what I did to get past
it. I have built libxode, I have checked for xmlnode_new_tag via nm, I have
my LD_LIBRARY_PATH set, my LIBPATH set and yet still I get the message:

	checking for xmlnode_new_tag in -lxode... no
	configure: error:
	* You do not seem to have libxode installed.  This is a required *
	* package for libjabber to build.  Please see:                   *
	*                 http://download.jabber.org                     *
	* to get this package.                                           *

Any ideas what I might do to investigate this further and/or fix it?


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