[JDEV] iq:version question

Duane Maxwell dmaxwell at entrypoint.com
Wed Apr 19 17:32:45 CDT 2000

>In the jabber:iq:version namespace we have an <os/> tag.  What is
>everyone's feeling on the use of this?  If I write a client for a
>particular OS then I can see that field being set, but what about
>languages like Perl which are platform independent?  Do I have to
>include code to figure out the platform/OS and present that to the other
>side, or is just saying <os>Perl</os> ok?  Any thoughts?

I have a similar issue with a Squeak implementation - I'm reporting Squeak
as my OS.  Squeak is really a platform unto itself so I think it's somewhat
justified, but I'm not so sure about Perl, since it's mainly just the
implementation language.  I'm sympathetic to your point about the burden of
getting OS information just for this query.  It certainly seems that the
jabber:iq:version namespace should account for this sort of situation

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