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Thu Apr 20 10:42:54 CDT 2000

Hi Ryan -- have you been on #jabber on irc.linux.org or
irc.openprojects.net? That's where I think you'll find the quickest answers
to your questions. :)


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> Ok, I just figured out what changed that broke my code.
> It seems that in order to get <presence/> subscription 
> requests you now
> have to fetch the roster from the server.  With the roster comes the
> subscribe requests.  Can we get this changed back?
> I'm writing a daemon that has no need for the roster in any shape or
> form.  What it does need is to answer subscription requests so that
> other programs can see when they are up and running when they 
> grab their
> rosters.  But to make me have ot fetch the roster every time 
> in the lopp
> just to get these <presence/> tags makes no sense.  It's a waste.
> Why was this changed?
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