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chetan s ithal chetani at mahindrabt.com
Mon Apr 24 23:23:35 CDT 2000

Hi ,
        The real issue which I want to highlight is not spammers but the
Scalability of Jabber . The tests which I performed on Jabber clearly showed that
it slows down which is definitely not acceptable in real-life situations . Jabber
has to be more scalable than it is now . Any Thoughts and Ideas ?
Regards ,
chetan s . ithal

Bron Gondwana wrote:

> >     No limitation..  Feature..  ;-P
> >
> >     Throwing a throttle on connections is meant to limit situations where an
> > individual could attempt to bash the server (intentionally on other).
> It may be worth giving an option to either disable this all together, or
> preferably on a per-user basis.  I'm thinking about something like a
> print server or syslog setup where you want high speed at _all_ times
> often from a single "user".
> Otherwise, sounds like a good idea!  Stop those id10t spammers.
> --
> Bron ( and accidents with broken clients too... )
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