[JDEV] Performance

chetan s ithal chetani at mahindrabt.com
Wed Apr 26 22:57:03 CDT 2000

This discussion about threads and sockets is very important and
interesting but it is one component of performance and scalability.

The issue I was trying to convey was that that Jabber was getting slowed
down tremendously when faced with a load of messages for offline,
do-not-disturb, away etc. clients. Writing the messages to XML files was
a slow process, but even slower was that the server would check for the
recipient's availability and offline settings each time (by checking
state of the recipient's client) before writing to the XML file.

During this period, the server would spool the message in RAM. This is
very expensive in terms of server performance and scalability,
considering the network performance of the Internet. One idea and
workaround is to maintain status information or flags at the server for
each client so that this process could be much faster.

Just a thought for you guys to ponder on, but I think this will probably
be the first roadblock we will come across in real world deployment
before we hit the sockets/threads bump. Appreciate your thoughts.
Chetan S. Ithal

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