[JDEV] encryption

Bron Gondwana brong at netizen.com.au
Fri Apr 28 01:45:01 CDT 2000

>        2. If we remove encryption, and send message which contains
> characters
>            like ¦ ( ascii value = 199) or other characters like that ,
> then jabber server
>            responds with same error that "Invalid XML received" .
>            So message is not forwarded to other client.
>            Doesn't jabber server support these characters in message
> body?
>            If it doesn't support, then how can we encrypt it since while
> encryption,
>           these  characters will come in message body.
>           How can we handle this issue of security?
>           Can you provide some solution to this or alternative to this ?

If you have a thick enough pipe, just Base64 encode the encrypted data, then
Base64 decode it at the other end.

Not the most efficient solution, but rather easy to add.

Bron ( or patch Jabber to allow them, but there's still the danger of
       spurious < and > characters appearing )

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