[JDEV] Re: Re: Presence messages

Robert Temple RWTEMPLE at go.com
Thu Aug 31 17:03:01 CDT 2000

>> [RWTEMPLE at go.com wrote]
>> According to the JPG, section 2.7:
>> Jabber clients should set the user's presence 
>> to "available" after the login.
>> Is the type attribute assumed to be "available" when it
>> is left out?  Or are most clients just implementing
>> this incorrectly?

> [cjbehm at mail.com wrote]
> available is the default setting and actually should 
> be left out when sending an avail presence. The 
> documentation should explicitly state that.
> Docs have always been Jabber's weak point, but they 
> are getting better (thanks guys! ;)

Just curious, should it be left out because it might break something, or should it be left out just to save a little bit of bandwidth?


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