[JDEV] alias server names in jserver.xml

Thomas Muldowney temas at steelydan.steelydan.jeremie.com
Thu Jul 27 20:49:45 CDT 2000

<alias> is the only valid one now, and it does work


On Thu, Jul 27, 2000 at 05:37:46PM -0400, Greg Honsa wrote:
> 	Under the <names> entry in jserver.xml is  <default> as well as <alias>.
> The Jabber Server mini-HOWTO mentions the <alt> entry.
> Questions:
> Are <alt> and <alias> the same?
> Is either one of these used as an alternate name to check against the "to"
> server name from a user?
> When I attempt to use an alternate name I get a stream error "This server is
> not the one in your to attribute"
> Greg Honsa
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