[JDEV] http connection: gcc error

Steve Grasso steveg at calm.wa.gov.au
Thu Jun 1 20:20:11 CDT 2000

On Thu, 01 Jun 2000, Tamas Gervai wrote:
> I tried to compile jabber-transport with http, and i got this. I'm not 
> familiar with Makefiles, so, I have no ide, what do i wrong ...
> gcc: svc/http/svc_http_client.o: No such file or directory

If you can't wait for the precompiled binaries.....
I experienced this problem on a machine which had a flaky hard disk controller
(SCSI). I worked around it by running e2fsck then untarring the package a
couple of times, overwriting files which were missing/garbled. YMMV.


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