[JDEV] Transport Update Server

Hans Henrik Fuxelius fuxen at hem.passagen.se
Tue Jun 6 08:39:33 CDT 2000

Hi folks!

I have some ideas I want to share after reading some of the IMPP RFC's and 
internet IMPP drafts. Im not sure if they are applicable or very smart at 
all .... but anyhow, here they are.

To unload the Jserver from the duty of transports it would be possible to 
put them directly in the client, or at least having the possibility to 
choose to have the services in the client if you would like to. Then you 
coluld have fat clients for PC's and thin clients for PDA's WAP mobiles and 
the like.

Since some of the protocols are more or less static the need to update them 
is not cruisal and takes unnessesary poewr from the jserver. For protocols 
like ICQ you could use an update server to download the latest transport 
protocol automatically. This would give the extra benefit that its more 
hard to suspend an clients than an server from ICQ services.

Since efficiency is not as important in the client as in the server these 
protocol could be implemented with the help of an python interpreter 
compiled in the client. The possibility of having an pyhon interpreter in 
the client gives nice secondary effects to script cool features.

Hans Henrik Fuxelius

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