[JDEV] Resources

David Conner dconner69 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 6 14:52:39 CDT 2000

--- David Waite <mass at ufl.edu> wrote:
> David Conner wrote:
> > Actually, this is part of what confused me.
> > At http://protocol.jabber.org/docs/identity.html,
> > resource is defined as "the optional third
> > identifier," which implies that it's optional. :)
> Don't be fooled - it is required for logging in (all
> users must have
> resources) but not required for sending a message -
> if you do not
> specify one it goes to whichever user is the
> 'default', where default is
> chosen by whichever resource has the highest
> 'priority' set in its
> presence.
> -David Waite

OK, I think I get the picture now.  One thing that
does puzzle me a little is why, in general, a single
user would want to be logged in simultaneously on
multiple connections.  Any particular applications for
this capability?

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