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David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Tue Jun 6 15:32:51 CDT 2000

1) be logged in multiple locations at once
2) be available through multiple contact methods (user at server/computer and
user at server/alphapager)

resources are also used for things like groupchat, where every resource is
a separate person in a channel.

and many transports use this extra 'data slot' in all sorts of neat ways :)

-David Waite

Chris wrote:

> > OK, I think I get the picture now.  One thing that
> > does puzzle me a little is why, in general, a single
> > user would want to be logged in simultaneously on
> > multiple connections.  Any particular applications for
> > this capability?
> Flexibility for the user. You can be logged in from home and work at the
> same time, or log in while your out longer than you thought from work.
> Chris
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