[JDEV] non-jabber clients

Gallant Cheung gcheung at arkon.bc.ca
Mon Jun 12 17:04:29 CDT 2000

Dear Eric,

	I just wonder how u can have the ability for various IRC clients,
which have their own protocols to connect to their server, to connect to a
Jabber. It is very interesting. Also, for example, Icq client has their own
protocol and encryption, which does not broadcast to the Internet, to
communicate with icq servers and other clients. Therefore, how can a jabber
client can connect to the icq server?


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> > I just installed the jabber server and 
> > I really like it - seems like you guys 
> > did a good job.
> > 
> > I've read the technical overview and
> > it seems to me that it should be quite 
> > difficult to extend the "architecture" in
> > the way that non-jabber clients would 
> > be able to connect to a jabber system. 
> > What do you think? 
> We already have the ability for IRC clients to connect to a Jabber server,
> via the svc_irc service.  There is also some HTTP client access available,
> though I haven't looked at it recently.  So, it is do-able...
> 					Eric
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