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Eric Bowersox ebowersox at jabber.com
Tue Jun 13 10:42:47 CDT 2000

> 	Actually, I've taken a look on the icq protocol. The icq2000a
> protocol looks different from the previous version. 
> Therefore, if the icq
> protocol is updated frequently, u all will do a lot of work 
> to guess their
> new protocol and update the your icq transport. 

Actually, the ICQ2000 client seems to use the AIM protocol for certain
things, so the AIM transport would eventually subsume the functionality of
the ICQ transport, if this trend continues.

> 	BTW, do u have have icq200a protocol or open source icq client?

The latest information I have is on the ICQ version 5 protocol; if they've
changed it again, I haven't seen any information on that.

> Actually, I also find that it is a challenge to run the IM 
> behind a gateway,
> coz there are so many ppl runs their client behind Internet 
> sharing machine
> or hardware?

For Jabber, the gateway might run its own Jabber server.  Since servers
handle all the communication on behalf of clients, outside communicators
need only talk to the server, which would then forward the messages over the
"internal" side of the network to the clients.

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