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Eliot Landrum eliot at landrum.cx
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That would be an issue with that to="localhost" thing. Is your server setup to listen on "localhost" in your jserver.xml?

btw, nice to see some ISPs looking into this. :)

On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 05:21:16PM +0300, Ceri Tando?an wrote:
> First of all, I am working in a ISP. I am interested in JABBER.
> I have downloaded JABBER but i had a problem with jserver:
> I think jserver works fine and the client (in Linux and in Win32) also
> connects to jserver but the server is not responding to the client(Linux and
> Win32).  I could'nt find any docs about it.
> 	Please help me  ..............hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> -The xml messages from "kjabber" client is :
> XMLStream:: attempting to connect to localhost
> LoginPacket:: processing XML Stream status...
> Sending Data To Server:
>  <iq id='ID0x1' type='set' to='localhost'>
>  	<query xmlns='jabber:iq:auth'>
>  		<username>test</username>
>  		<password>test</password>
>  		<resource>ceri</resource>
>  	</query>
>  </iq>
> Recieved Tag:
>  <stream:error>This server is not the one in your to
> attribute.</stream:error>
> KJabber:: changing online status...
> XMLStream:: delete in progress...
> XMLStream:: deleteing expat...
> XMLStream:: deleteing expat...done
> 								THANKS
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