[JDEV] searchable archive, other mailing lists, icq transport

Tamas tgervai at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 20 11:27:27 CDT 2000


Is there any way to search in the mailing list's archive?

The Jabber development got a lot of attention, is there any mailing list not for developers but newbies, config problems or other issues?

The jserver.xml is a big mystery for me. Is there any written help about it? 


    <agent jid="comp1.yellow.co.il">
      <name>Jabber User Directory</name>
      <description>You may register and create a public searchable profile, 
        and search for other registered Jabber users.</description>

"jid" must be an existing domain name? or if "comp1.yellow.co.il" exist, but "icq.comp1.yellow.co.il", the icq.* style is valid?

The <register> field should be overwrite by the actual transport? (4 example by the icq-transport)

What could be the problem, if icq-transport not working. The jabber-transport not say, the icq-transport missing, so I think, he found him, but after I want to register new transport to WinJab, the icq-transport (with -D options) not do anything... What could be the problem?

This is a documentation at the end of the svc_telnet.c, why it is not included in the README or something like this? ;-)

Is anyone have documentation maintainer 'privileges' in jabber.org?


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