[JDEV] debian packages for jabber transports??

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Wed Jun 21 17:11:33 CDT 2000


i run debian pretty much everywhere i have access to machines, and am
planning to put up a jabber server for some friends and i to play with.

my basic problem is that the debianized packages available don't seem to
include the jabber transports (or at the moment the server either- you
can't install it due to a dependency on gnu pthreads 1.2... 1.3 is the
'unstable' version that i use.)

anyway- has anyone tackled building debian package files for the various
components?  i noticed that jabber-transport has them included, but the
cvs tarball i downloaded had non-functional ones included (no ./configure
found... that's not good.)

if no one else has done this, i'm considering giving it a go
tonight.  we'll see how far i get with it :)

let me know if any of you have already begun working on this... otherwise
it'll be a good use of my time :)


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