[JDEV] Upgrade to 1.0 causing problems

Jim McConnell jimmcconnell at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 22 09:53:18 CDT 2000

I had the jserver 0.9 software installed and running on my Linux 6.1
box and had two users configured and able to chat.

I downloaded the jserver 1.0 tar'd RPM files and installed about one
week ago. Now when I start the server I see a new error message when
using the '-D' option and neither of my current users can log in.

Here's the error message that shows when I start the jserver with the
'-D' option:


Thu Jun 22 08:53:02 2000  debug/mod_etherx.c:79 EXTERNAL: got error epacket 
bounce to update.jabber.org reason delivery failure
Thu Jun 22 08:53:02 2000  debug/util.c:54 dropping 502 packet <presence 
from='jabber.adtech.internet.xyz.com' to='jserver at update.jabber.org/1.0'/>
Thu Jun 22 08:53:02 2000  debug/etherxd_out.c:67 etherxd_netout_cleanup
Thu Jun 22 08:53:02 2000  debug/ehlist.c:58 list_free(update.jabber.org)
Thu Jun 22 08:53:02 2000  debug/ehlist.c:38 list_isolate(update.jabber.org)
Thu Jun 22 08:53:02 2000  debug/xmlstream.c:273 xmlstream_cleanup


I looked thru the jserver.xml config file and there's no referrence
to update.jabber.org....

Because I'm doing preliminary testing behind a FW, I've commnented
out the agent directive for users.jabber.com and all other agents.

Looking thru the /usr/local/var/log directory for information on the
problem, I only see one line added to the jserver_packet.log file for
each attempt to start the server:


Thu Jun 22 08:52:52 2000  presence - jabber.adtech.internet.xyz.com 
jserver at update.jabber.org/1.0


Any help on this would be appreciated.


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