[JDEV] Transports question

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at ti.com
Fri Jun 23 14:20:15 CDT 2000

Not sure where you got that spec from...  Not that it's not a good idea.
:)  I write all of my transports to continue trying to reconnect for
like 10 minutes or so before giving up.  I don't remember there being a
requirement for this, just something I added to make RSS-Agent,
Users-Agent, and AutoUpdate-Agent more robust.

Thomas Charron wrote:
> Quoting "Kurt D. Starsinic" <kstar at orientation.com>:
> >     Right now, I'm running jserver, groupchat, and icqtransport.  They're
> > not completely stable now, so I have a watcher process that kills and
> > restarts all three if any one dies.
> >     Is this necessary?  Will jserver exhibit undesirable behavior if a
> > transport dies and comes back?  Will a transport reconnect to jserver
> > if jserver dies and comes back?
>   Actually, that's a feature.  If a transport dies and comes back, no biggie
> there.  If jserver dies, then yes, the transports will attempt (5 times?) to
> reconnect to jserver.


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