[JDEV] iq:version.dtd. is it correct?

Soonmyung Hong sonnet at teatime.org
Thu Jun 29 15:59:12 CDT 2000

Julian Missig wrote:
> No, you don't *have* to have each one of those, nor must they be in a
> specific order, so it should be:
> <!ELEMENT query ((name? | version? | os?)*)>

do you mean examples are right, don't trust dtds?

> Meaning you can have each of them in any order 0 or 1 times...

I have another question.
following <!ELEMENT query ((name? | version? | os?)*)>,
they could be appeared 2 or more times. is it right?

i thought more complicated one, like this...

((name, ((version?, os?) | (os?, version?))) |
(version, ((name?, os?) | (os?, name?))) |
(os, ((version, name) | (name?, version?))))

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