[JDEV] Compilation os adns [offtopic]

Andoni Ayala aayala at virtualcom.es
Fri Jun 30 09:39:23 CDT 2000

El Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:15:13 -0400
Mike Slattery <slattery at angel.net> escribiste:

> Yup.  Happened here too.  What platform?  On Linux, after every "gmake
> install", run a /sbin/ldconfig in order to allow the next gmake to
> understand that you did the right thing.  I suppose eariler Sun setups do
> something similar.  Now if I could get crle to work for me on Solaris 8...

On Solaris (intel)

but i don't undestand to you "get crle" 

What is crle?

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