[JDEV] Is it possible to get the roster from Foreign IM's ?

Ram ramachandran at vibes.net
Tue Oct 3 08:56:37 CDT 2000

hi guys..
i have a serious doubt . we  are trying to make a java applet to connect to
the jabber server.  But some problems have arisen this is what i get when i
run the code
C:\>appletviewer JabberApp.java
java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.net.SocketPermi
ssion ethrex.jabber.org resolve)
Packet is send.....

<stream:stream to="jabber.org" xmlns="jabber:client"

the questions i have is..
1. Do we need to write a policy file on the server side permitting any user
to listen and to read from the socket?
2.Does the latest Implementaion of jabber server(1.1) support  applet  to
jabber connection?
3. We have written a sample RMI  intermediate server which will in turn
connect with the jabber server and returns  the results to the applet! it's
working fine when   view it in appletviewer ....but it gives me a problem
when i try to view the page in HTML...can anyone  tell me what's going on?
it would be of greate help!

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