[JDEV] Is it possible to get the roster from Foreign IM's ?

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 3 10:08:41 CDT 2000

In response to Ram, Erisson wrote:
> No, you have to write a policy on the client side permitting it to resolve
> and open a connection to etherx.jabber.org, not just jabber.org.
There is no *need* for etherx.jabber.org to be contacted whatsoever, but 
the parser may still be doing so to try to validate the document. Rip 
that part out if you have the source, or look for a way to turn it off.

You also have to make sure you aren't ignoring applet security - you can 
only connect back to host server, not to other machines (unless you have 
a client-side certificate). When you do this, the hostname you connect 
to (webserver) may not be the hostname of the Jabber server, even though 
the connection is valid - for instance www.jabber.org and jabber.org. In 
this case you will connect to the jabber server through www.jabber.org, 
but make sure the 'to' attribute in the XML stream header is that of the 
Jabber server.

-David Waite

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