[JDEV] libjabber

Marco Nelissen marcone at be.com
Thu Oct 5 12:34:14 CDT 2000

With libjabber missing any documentation whatsoever, I was somewhat at a
loss as to how to use it. With the help of some folks in #jabber I tracked
down 'jabberx' (not on the projects-page, BTW), so I could learn from its
sourcecode. It turns out that jabberx uses the version of libjabber that
is currently in CVS, which is totally incompatible with the released
version 1.0 of libjabber.
Hence the following questions:
- is the API likely to be rendered incompatible again in the future?
- when will libjabber be documented?
- would I be better off not using libjabber and writing my own stuff?
- what's the "official" way of building libjabber from CVS? (I've got the
  files, but no configure scripts or makefiles were included)



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