[JDEV] ICQ Transport

Tim Jung tjung at igateway.net
Thu Oct 5 13:04:39 CDT 2000

Someone needs to redo the .tar.gz file from http://downloads.jabber.org/ on
the icq-transport because the .tar.gz file doesn't have the macros directory
which is needed. I had to do a CVS checkout to get it working.

Also what is the deal with the flakey nature of the icq-transport. I have
had it crash on me 3 times in less than about 6 hours on Red Hat 6.1 and it
doesn't update the online status of people you add to the client correctly.
Plus ICQ users saw me as on and off line alot. Any ideas as to when the
icq-transport and the aim-transport are going to be more stable and work

Tim Jung
System Admin
Internet Gateway Inc.
tjung at igateway.net

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