[JDEV] Re: Problems with: Groupchat and Jaber User Directory

Evandro Linhares evandro_linhares at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:49:52 CDT 2000

Ryan <reatmon at jabber.org> wrote:
>I can answer the question about the Jabber User Directory.
>That agent is not a place where you can send messages from
>or anything like what your roster is.  It is simply a database
>that you can search for people to add into your roster one by
>one.  So you still have to add them in like that, but if you

OK! But this search is the problem, it's not working. For instance, in Linux 
clients the option Locate by searching the Jabber User Directory is also 
disabled. My only choice is to add users by username, and in this case I'll 
have to guess the registered usernames.
Do I have to install any specific agent for the Jabber User Directory as I 
did with the groupchat-transport?

>aren't sure of their Jabber ID you can use JUD to look for  them based off 
>name or email.  Also, you have to register manually
>with JUD.

I agree in adding users one by one since I know who I'm going to add.



>reatmon at jabber.org
>Evandro Linhares wrote:
> >
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I'm not subscribed to this list, so I would like to ask you to reply 
> > to the sender address.
> >
> > I've recently installed Jabber and I've managed well the installation
> > process using the Mini-HOWTO I found in the Jabber Documentation 
> >
> > Everything is working well, when the deal is one-to-one chat.

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