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Tim McCune timm at channelpoint.com
Mon Oct 9 14:33:20 CDT 2000

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Importing the key from an external key server is nice, but it does
require the user to already have a key there, unless your Jabber
client is going to check to see if the user has a key there, and if
he doesn't, it will register it for him automatically.  I have found
in the past that key management is something that most users don't
understand and don't really want to understand.  That's why I wanted
to ensure that it was all very transparent in Imjay.  In earlier
versions, it wasn't, and you wouldn't believe all of the complaining
that went on in my early user tests because of that.

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From: Erisson [mailto:erisson at mail.kaosklan.net]
KIM also searches for JID based on email. Not sure if it'll import
a key server or not. But it seems to me that this would be the best
way to make use of the infrastructure that already exists. Another
possibility, which is a bit of a hybrid, is to store the key ID, or
maybe fingerprint in the vCard as a hint, and fetch it from a key
server to actually get it. The reason I throw this out there is that
sometimes e-mail and jabber ids don't match, and adding a new userid
to a preexisting key isn't necessarily the best fix, but storing the
in the vCard could get expensive when, like one of the guys who
my key, your key is ~60k.

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