[JDEV] New Jabber Applet on jabber.org

David Scott dscott at jabber.com
Wed Oct 11 18:50:15 CDT 2000

There's an updated JabberApplet on jabber.org (java.jabber.org).  The jar
file (and corresponding html file) have been updated on sourceforge.  In
addition there's an JabberApplet homepage
(http://jabberapplet.sourceforge.net/) explaining pretty well what it does
and how it looks.  The homepage hasn't been updated with the latest
information, but the basics haven't changed.  

With this new release 0.9.96c all the basic Jabber Instant Messaging
functionality is supported (except registration): roster list display
similar to JabberIM, subscribe, unsubscribe, status change, transports AND
there's been some QA time.  Windows NS/IE, Mac IE work pretty well.  Linux
NS having problems and will be looking into them soon.

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