[JDEV] Why not GLib ?

David Le Corfec david.le-corfec at idealx.com
Fri Oct 13 11:57:50 CDT 2000

Why not use the GLib for jabber2 ?

It has nice abstract types for lists, hashes ...
(see libjabber/src/genhash.c)
Plus nice portability/utility functions, and
handy macros (g_return_if_fail() kind of macros
can save life by ensuring preconditions and writing
a nice log message if it fails, instead of silently


If there's no strong reason against it, it could
be progressively used in libxode/libjabber/jabber2 ...
(I would like to cleanup most of the code in a GLib
fashion :)

Or at least some ideas could be reused (like
those preconditions checks ...)

It also is a good example of programming,
take a look at the sources :)

David Le Corfec
Disclaimer : I love the GLib :)

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