[JDEV] Automatically add all users?

Michael Emswiler memswiler at hotmail.com
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I am interested in server-side groups also -- I think this is vital for corporate intranet support.  Though you may not want your contact list updated each time a new employee comes aboard (say in the case of IBM), you might very well want this in the case of Mom & Pop's Ice Cream Company.  You may not need full-blown group support in the server, perhaps a user could set a "subscription" to the entire server and receive a request from the server to add the new user to the existing user's roster...once again, for small intranets only, I don't want a subscription on a million-user+ internet server!

It is also useful in many other contexts as well.

Another interesting idea would be the idea of "shared" rosters -- which i suppose could be implemented with server-side groups, though there could also be an interesting client-side version

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Hi Steve,

What you're talking about is really server-side groups as opposed to the
client-side groups that you'll find in the current crop of clients and the
current server. A fair number of people are interested in this functionality
and I believe that Jabber.com has implemented this for one or two of their
clients. A natural integration would be with LDAP or another db that has
concepts of groups and sub-groups -- I'm part of my project team which by
definition is part of my department which by default is part of the IT
group, etc. I'm not sure of the status of such functionality (mainly whether
it is part of the upcoming 1.2 server), but it makes obvious sense for
intranets like yours (not nearly so much for the open internet, where I
don't want anyone adding me to some group without my permission). If you'd
like I can check on when this might be an integral part of Jabber instead of
something that sysadmins need to hack together ... much as I love sed and
awk. :)


Peter Saint-Andre
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"Orion (Steve Pirk)" wrote:

> I am running a intranet jabber server at work. I currently
> maintain a list of users (in html) where people can find
> users to add to their list. The editing of the html page is
> done manually now, but could be automated nightly.
> This still requires that users manually add contacts. What
> I was thinking of doing was to run through the jspool directory
> and build a contact list from all the user.xml files, and then
> have a program edit everyone's contact list to add all users.
> Then as people create accounts, this would trigger another edit
> (late at night) to stuff just that user into everyone's contact
> list. I would most likely use awk or sed.
> Can anyone think if an easier way to do this? Maybe as adminstrator,
> run a script of jabber commands to update contact lists?
> Is this even desirable? A lot of users would lkike the list populated
> automatically...
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