[JDEV] xml delimiter

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Oct 16 04:18:41 CDT 2000

At 15:20 Uhr +0800 16.10.2000, rdeng wrote:
>Hi, I am sending this email from Sttarfire.com(Singapore).
>currently we are setting up jabber server and try to write
>a jabber client for chating. What is the delimiter for jabber
>server to separate one XML message from another in the
>input message stream in socket ?
>my email: rdeng at sttarfire.com
>Your input is greatly appreciated !


there is no delimeter between the XML messages, since there is no need for one!

Remember, we use XML, so the parser can clearly seperate message blocks.

A typical excerpt from a stream could look like this:

<message from="rogger at rabbit.com"><body>I love carrots!</body></message>
<message from="bill at microsoft.com"><subject>World 
Domination</subject><body>You will be assimilated!</body></message>


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