[JDEV] Flash 5's XMLSocket vs Jabber 1.2

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Oct 16 08:33:04 CDT 2000

Quoting Oliver George <oliver at littledevil.com.au>:
> Problem 1: Null characters...
> =================================
> null characters are sent between each transmission from the client.  This
> causes the server to crash.  My question is: should jabber client stream be
> tolerant to null characters (ie. 0x00).
> If the server can't be made to tolerate this then i would probably need an
> interface socket which reads from the flash client, translates (removes
> nulls) and sends to the server.  This is bad because i now have 3 sockets
> open for a single connection.
> Just to emphasise this problem here is a ngrep dump of my flash client
> sending a message to the server.  Notice the 00 which trails the
> <stream...>

  Are NULL chars even LEGAL in UTF-8?  Why are the null characters there?  Does 
Flash add them in for some reason?

Thomas Charron
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