[JDEV] Flash 5's XMLSocket vs Jabber 1.2

Oliver George oliver at littledevil.com.au
Mon Oct 16 19:14:39 CDT 2000

Hi Max,


>> If the server can't be made to tolerate this then i would probably 
>> need an interface socket which reads from the flash client, 
>> translates (removes nulls) and sends to the server.  This is bad 
>> because i now have 3 sockets open for a single connection.
> Hm, I see your problem. BTW, how is parsing in Flash? I remember  
> someone told me Flash only finishes parsing after receiving a NULL  
> byte, so this would be a problem, too, no?

Aargh!  You are completely right.  That is the only thing that stands 
between me and success.  The other changes to the server are almost 
trivial.  I'll try and get them included in the standard distro if i can 
sort this last one out, the flash mode could be a configuration option 
and listen on a different port.

I desparately need help with this last problem though, all i want to do 
is use the function call "pth_msgport_put" to send a null character to 
the stream in a couple of calls... problem is that the function call 
takes a null terminated string and at this point i become incapable.  
Help please anyone?

So the two new questions i have are....

Question 1
Would the jabber developers support the inclusion of a 'flash mode' 
option in the pthsock_client? (this would only effect the code minimally)

Question 2
Can someone help me work out how to send a NULL down a 'pth_msgport_put' 
or related call?

Thanks again, Oliver.

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