[JDEV] Flash 5's XMLSocket vs Jabber 1.2

dlb semiotics at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 17 13:37:28 CDT 2000

I've gotten a response from MM on this.  Their parser is miniscule, the
entire flash player is just over 250K, apparently null termination is
the lightest delimiter available when accounting for the additional code
necessary to extend the xml-socket object for this purpose.

Does anyone know , or recognize, what Oliver meant by "crash" .  I'm
assuming he meant the null terminator killed the session.

Is there a reason that Jabber's been configured to do this ?

dlb wrote:

> The null terminator may also have been implemented to avoid F5's
> maximum processing interval
> (app. 15 sec.) - I'll try to find out.

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