[JDEV] behaviors in AIM transport

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Wed Oct 18 19:11:46 CDT 2000

Thanks for the nice bug report.  I am aware of these bugs and I'm working on
them.  I'm hoping to have a newer version in cvs and on jabber.org tonight.  I'm
sorry for the long delay since a new version, but I've been working on the
scaling of Jabber.


On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 04:47:38PM -0700, Jay Chalfant wrote:
> Greetings all.. 
> I am developing a Jabber client. A primary purpose of the client will be to
> talk to AIM users so I am using WinJab (XML debug turned on) with JServ 1.0
> to discover the AIM transport behavior. I have catalogued two behaviors in
> the AIM transport that are unexpected:
> 1) When I register with the AIM transport, I receive a "subscription from"
> request from the transport, allegedly for the purpose of automatically
> logging me into AIM when I log into JabberServer. I accept the subscription
> request but the auto-login behavior does not happen. Instead, I must login
> into the AIM transport manually each time I open a session with the Jabber
> server in order to generate presence on AIM.
> 2) The AIM transport appears not to cache presence info for the buddy's of
> users registered with the transport. Specifically, if I log into Jabber
> server (registered with AIM) *after* an AIM buddy logged into AIM, I will
> not receive presence for that buddy, even though I have subscribed to that
> buddy's presence. In this case, if I send presence to the AIM buddy his
> presence to be sent to me. This is a workaround but not exactly desirable.
> If my AIM buddy logs in after me, it works fine.
> I would greatly appreciate it if someone can confirm the status of these
> behaviors. (1) seems like a defect or config error. (2) may be a feature
> request. If more info is needed I can provide.
> thanks in advance..
> -J
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