[JDEV] Connecting to the server.

Michael Emswiler memswiler at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 06:59:46 CDT 2000

I always use digest from my client to the server when connecting, but I thought I noticed that passwords were still in clear text when receiving presence messages from transports (MSN, ICQ, etc.)

Maybe this is specific to JabberCOM -- Peter?

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userIDs it must transmit in the clear (unless you can think of something
'really' clever). Passwords can be transmitted in a digest (hashed)
format, assuming the client and server support this.

SSL is overkill for anything that is to scale, but SASL was at least
considered a while back.

-David Waite

Ted Rolle wrote:

> Why does Jabber transmit userids and passwords in the clear?
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