[JDEV] adding authentication associated with a tranport.

dlb semiotics at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 19 18:47:08 CDT 2000

congratulations on getting this to work !
Have you implemented the revision to io_select's io_write_dump function which you
had discussed - using a buffer length variable ?  OR perhaps another means ??

any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I've heard that building
and configuring jabber is no small feat, but I'll give it a shot if this
work-around is effective.

I'd been contemplating developing a socket interchange in TCL - to intermediate
and filter the stream from F5-  which would address this same problem, but your
solution is preferable.

nice work

Oliver George wrote:

> Hi JDEVers,
> (in case anyone is interested i have successfully interfaced flash 5 with
> jabber and hopefully i will integrate these changes to the jabber source
> - thanks to all who helped)
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