[JDEV] quick poll: session packet filtering...

Oliver George oliver at littledevil.com.au
Sat Oct 21 21:11:25 CDT 2000

Poll: if i added the ability for pthsock to filter packets from a client in a session and changed the authentication response (from the auth module) to look like this <iq type="result" id="authid"><query xmlns="pthsock:filter><target>1234 at helpdesktransport/.*</target></query></iq> would i be universially shunned? (Yay=good idea, Nay=Eww that sucks)

quick faq of some of the issues:
1. registered handlers only see packets targeted at them so filtering at the pthsock is the only option.
2. the namespace is open to suggestion
3. any better suggestions for how the auth module signals the pthsock is welcome (perhaps in the <route type="session"> would be more acceptable? (thoughts anyone)
4. i used a regexp for the target filter, for myself filtering by target host would be enough.

5. adding filtering to pthsock would be really really really trivial (5 lines of code)
6. adding filtering to pthsock wouldn't effect performance much at all

THanks in advance, Oliver.

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