[JDEV] ambiguous libxode/j_strcat()

David Le Corfec david.le-corfec at idealx.com
Mon Oct 23 08:03:18 CDT 2000


j_strcat() is implemented (and described in libxode.h)
like a replacement of strcpy() (overwrites dest string).

If it's really a strcpy() replacement, it should be renamed
j_strcpy() instead, and be implemented using the optimized
(depending of your libc) strcpy().

If it was meant to be a strcat() replacement, it should be
rewritten using strcat().

Anyway j_strcat() doesn't seem to be used anywhere.

As a related note, I think j_str*() functions shouldn't
return silently when passed NULL arguments, but instead
should print a warning. Warnings using __FILE__ and __LINE__
are a must :-)

David Le Corfec

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