[JDEV] ambiguous libxode/j_strcat()

David Le Corfec david.le-corfec at idealx.com
Mon Oct 23 08:59:30 CDT 2000

Oops ! Many errors in my previous mail ! Shame on me !

> j_strcat() is implemented (and described in libxode.h)
> like a replacement of strcpy() (overwrites dest string).

excepted that j_strcat returns a pointer to the *end*
of the dest string, allowing concatenation with successive
j_strcat() calls.

> If it was meant to be a strcat() replacement, it should be
> rewritten using strcat().

j_strcat is neither strcpy nor strcat !
While strcat expect the dest pointer to be the start of
the dest string, j_strcat expect dest to point on the
trailing nul.

> Anyway j_strcat() doesn't seem to be used anywhere.

Wooops ! in spool_print() !

Sorry for my previous post :)

David Le Corfec

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