[JDEV] Hierarchical MIME?

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Tue Oct 24 21:22:58 CDT 2000

A few of us on SML-DEV list were remembering back about
a year ago that Jabber had an extension to MIME that
made it hierarchical.  Yes?

If so, did you do it by defining a new MIME type, 
"list-of-mime" or something like that?  If so, does
the list of child MIME have a label, so that the
result is a labeled graph?  

In other words, there is a "labeled-mime" content
type which is a triplet: { label, mime-type, payload }
And, a "list-of-mime" which is an ordered sequence
of "labeled-mime" content.   In this way, the "list-of-mime"
content type could serve as a 'backbone' for a 
labeled tree of MIME content.

Just wondering... could you post replies to 
sml-dev at egroups.com if you are interested?

Best Wishes,


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