[JDEV] Server 1.2rc and AIM transport

Brian Lalor blalor at hcirisc.cs.binghamton.edu
Thu Oct 26 17:35:41 CDT 2000

I've got the 1.2 release candidate up and running.  Seems to be quite a
bit more stable than the 1.0 version.  I'm still, however, lost on how to
configure the various transports.  It seems that I need to have a separate
host name in the form of <transport>.<domain>, such as  aim.mydomain.com.
is that the case?  is there any way around that?  I'm not the admin for
the DNS servers where I work.

I've grabbed aim-transport out of CVS; how do I configure my 1.2-version
jserver.xml in order for them to communicate?


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