[JDEV] transport problems

Omar Armas Aleman oarmas at mpsnet.net.mx
Fri Oct 27 18:08:52 CDT 2000

Hi, I have jabber 1.0.1 working well, but I cannot connect to ICQ nor
AIM. This is part of my configuration file:

    <!-- these are just examples, you will receive instructions on what to
place here when you install a real agent
    <agent jid="aim.jabber.org">
      <name>AIM Transport</name>
      <description>This is the AIM Transport</description>
      <transport>AIM/AOL ScreenName</transport>
    <agent jid="icq.jabber.org">
      <name>ICQ Transport</name>
      <description>This is the ICQ Transport</description>

What are the correct values for this options?


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